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The Karelian Beardog is often mentioned in dogbooks as a breed, which arose in Finland in the 30's. It is true that it is about this time you began to breed describe and purebreed it. But the beardog has preserved its present looks better than ex. Finnish Spitz, because it has lived more isolated and thereby avoid to be mixed in with other breed.The Karelian people had their black spitzdog with tehm, when they immigrated to the area north of the finnish bay, hundreds of years ago.
The Karelians who was great hunters walked to the north and east to find the best huntingsfields and came thereby to settle down in the most inpenetrable and isolated areas. The roads was not projected so the towns, which was far away of each other, was isolated. Therefor could this black spitzdog keep uninfluenced by other dogbreeds.

Beardogs in general
The children friendly and alert familydog strains from the east finnish area Karelian. When the Russians in 1941 conquered Karelien, the Karelian people moved back to Finland with their dogs. Their breed was originally bred for big-game hunting, which it still is user for in the other nordic and east european countries. In Denmark it is mostly kept as a familydog, where it is very valued for its social behaviour and good guardskills.

More and more is training their dogs in Switzerland (bloodtrail), where they can use their good sence of smell and high developed seeking abilities.

It is a marked packanimanl which causes that enters a family without problems. But often attaches to one person who it really appreciates.

It is very fund of children, is friendly against strangers, if any should threaten the family it protects them. A beardog is not aggressive against people, but is known for its judgement. It reacts very fast on its people state of mind, understands to distinguish between fun and seriousness and therefore a secure family member in the house.

The children in the family and their playmates are very highrated by the beardog. It loves to play and when it gets to much for it, it leaves to find peace which has to be respected.

The beardog is intelligent and teachable. Its character, proudness and will can be compared to the cats. It knows its own worth. Therefore it has to be raised with love and concequence, not hard but in that way that it knows who is the "leader".

The beardog likes exercise and the adult dog is very perservere but if you have a garden where it can run, you are not dependent on long bikerides.

A raised dog is not noisy. Karelian has hot summer and cold winters therefore the dogs coat isolates against warmth and cold. So you do not have to worry about the weather if only it has shelter against rain, wind and sun. The coatcare is minimal. Brushing a few times a year will keep the coat in good condition. It changes coat twice a year, males dependent of the seasons, bitches in their heat.

A very healthy dog which average age is 12 to 16 years.
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